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Goi Peace Foundation Forum 2009
Presentation by Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D.
for Talk Session “Toward Our Positive Future”


Just as personal beliefs affect our personal lives, cultural beliefs actually shape our culture. We manifest whatever we are taught as a cultural belief.

Since the dawn of time, we humans have always asked some very important questions. They are called the “perennial questions.” These questions are:
How did we get here?
Why are we here?
Now that we are here, how do we make the best of it?

When a civilization accepts the answers for these questions from some entity or organization, that entity or organization becomes the “official” truth provider for that civilization. When people have questions about life’s mysteries, they seek their answers from civilization’s official truth provider.

Over time, the accepted way of life in the civilization becomes defined by the answers to the perennial questions. These answers provide for a civilization’s “Basal Paradigm,” which simply means “the fundamental beliefs that shape the characteristics of a civilization.”

Inevitably, over time, the conventional basal paradigm beliefs lead to challenges for the civilization. That’s when people seek better answers for the questions. When the majority of people accept new answers for the perennial questions from a new truth provider, that entity or organization becomes the shaper of the next version of civilization.

For example, in Western civilization, the Church of Rome provided the answers to these questions and formed the civilization referred to as Monotheism:
How did we get here? Divine Creation
Why are we here? To live out plays of morality
Now that we are here, how do we make the best of it? Follow the laws of the Bible

The Church’s beliefs were used to shape the civilization. However its corruption led to challenges and this precipitated the Protestant Reformation. When the “truth” of the Church could be questioned, it led to the rise of Science. However, science could not take over control of the Basal Paradigm until they could provide a better answer for the first question, “How did we get here?” That occurred in 1860 when Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution was accepted by both science and the public as the reason we are here.

After Darwin’s ideas for evolution replaced the Church’s story of creation, Science became civilization’s “official” truth provider. The new answers to the perennial questions have created today’s civilization referred to as Scientific Materialism:
How did we get here? Random genetic mutations
Why are we here? No reason…it was an accident of genetic mutations
Now that we are here, how do we make the best of it? Live by the Laws of the Jungle

This current civilization is referred to as “Scientific Materialism” because the science is based on Newtonian physics, a field of science that perceives of the universe as a physical machine made out of matter and does not consider invisible forces as influential in shaping the material world.

According to Darwinian theory, all organisms are in a constant struggle to survive and the winners are referred to as the “fittest.” Darwinian theory emphasizes that competition and beating the loser is a fundamental character of life in this eternal struggle for survival.

However, the fundamental beliefs of Materialistic Science that shape the way we live in the world have changed, especially over the last 20-30 years. While the original beliefs were helpful in moving human evolution forward, those same beliefs are now threatening our survival. Continuing to follow the same way of life is leading to our own extinction.

New science reveals that there are four fundamental beliefs that shape the behavior of human civilization, which are now found to be flawed. Continuing to follow the old beliefs will inevitably lead to the end of civilization. These dangerous flawed beliefs are referred to as “The Four Myth-Perceptions of the Apocalypse.”

Myth 1: Biology is based on Newtonian Physics, which only recognizes the value of the material, physical realm. This is why humanity is so involved with accumulating “matter,” which includes money. This quest has led to the destruction of our environment in extracting the Earth’s material resources. Also, the belief in materialism disconnects us from the role of the invisible spiritual realm.

Revised Science: The new physics, quantum physics, states that matter and energy are one and the same. In uniting the two, it also unites all other polarities (e.g. good-bad, male-female, Creation-Evolution, conservative-liberal, right–wrong) and brings harmony to our world.

Quantum physics also acknowledges that invisible energy forces play an important role in shaping our world. These invisible forces include human consciousness, which has a profound role in creating our life experiences.

 Myth 2: The belief that genes control our biological and behavioral traits means that genes control our destiny. Since we did not pick our genes, and since we cannot change our genes, we see ourselves as “victims” of heredity. According to this belief, the genes we received from our parents, which may include genes for all the diseases and dysfunctions that run in our families, determine our fate.

Revised Science: The new belief about heredity is called “Epigenetic Control,” which literally means “control-above-the-genes.” Our perceptions of the world (our beliefs, attitudes, and emotions) are the signals that control the gene activity of our cells. The new science on how DNA is regulated reveals that our perception of environmental signals activates our genes and controls our behavior.

Since we can change how we respond to the world, we can change our genetic activity. We can become masters of our destiny by controlling our perceptions and beliefs. When we come to learn how to control our lives, we must also become personally responsible for what we create with our minds.

Myth 3: The Darwinian theory suggests that evolution is based on a competition for fitness in an eternal struggle for survival. The world is a rat-race where we compete to stay alive. Because we live in constant threat of survival, we have learned to live in fear, a behavior that leads to destructive competition, violence and war. We create a constant struggle based on win-lose outcomes concerning our life’s actions. The stress from this behavior is the primary cause of human illness.

Revised Science: Evolution is not based on struggle. The new theories of evolution reveal that progress is made through cooperation and NOT competition. Supporting each other and creating communities is the behavioral key needed to experience sustainable harmony in our world.

Myth 4: Darwinian theory emphasizes that “random” mutations initiate evolution. This means that humans and other organisms in the biosphere were derived from simple accidents of genetics, and they have no other purpose than to reproduce. Our existence is perceived to be the result of an endless series of win-lose confrontations.

Revised Science: Organisms were created through “adaptive” mutations, genetic changes shaped by the organism’s interaction with the environment. The evolution of every new species is associated with Nature attempting to balance and create harmony in the environment. As each new organism is introduced to bring the biosphere into balance, at first it does so. But over time, the new organism will overgrow the balance and Nature will create another new species to bring the environment back into balance. This cycle repeated over and over again has given rise to all the organisms on this planet.

The evolution of humans led to an organism that has the greatest influence in effecting the environment’s balance. Not being aware of our evolutionary responsibility we have wrecked havoc in the environment and are currently destroying it AND ourselves.

Our mission is not to destroy the Garden but to tend the Garden. When we change our ways of life, we will find that our evolutionary progress will be driven by love and altruism among all humans. All of our evolved interactions will lead to win-win scenarios and a sustainable world.

The new revised science offer life sustaining answers to the perennial questions and becomes the foundation of the next version of civilization that we may refer to as Holism:
How did we get here? Adaptive genetic mutations
Why are we here? To tend the Garden and acquire awareness
Now that we are here, how do we make the best of it? Live in community and in harmony with Nature

When civilization adopts these new revisions of science, we will be able to sustain our survival and learn to live in harmony and peace as one giant community of humans, collectively referred to as humanity.

Evolution is thought to be a long slow imperceptible process occurring over billions of years.  This is not true. Evolution advances with slow gradual increases followed by a significant jump. It is called “punctuated equilibrium,” a new science that says that we go along until some crisis causes us to jump and make a change.

Prokaryote cells (bacteria) first formed on this planet over 3.5 billion years ago. Bacteria lived here for a billion years as single cells, but then they started to form communities. Colonies of bacteria came together and shared a membrane around them to protect them from the outer world, and this evolved into Eukaryote cells or amoeba. This was the first jump. We see the amoeba as a single cell, but it actually represents a colony of bacteria that learned to live in harmony.

Then the amoeba started to come together and formed communities of amoebas, and these are called colonies. Then the colonies of amoebas evolved into humans about a million years ago. That is when we took the next jump. We are a colony of 50 trillion amoeba cells that are living under one skin. The single entity of humans over history started to form small communities of humans.

The next level of human evolution is not related to changes in the individual human being. The evolutionary directive now is that we are beginning to recognize that all the humans on this planet belong to one species, a super-organism called Humanity. We are each a cell in the body of something much bigger. If we continue to fight each other and compete with each other, we create what in medicine is called “auto-immune disease,” which means self-destruction. The planet is in a process of self-destruction. We will survive only if all 7 billion humans start working together as one living system.

This is a most exciting time for humans on this planet because we are going to see an evolutionary jump where nations recognize that they are like organs in one body. All the organs and all the cells will be working together to create the harmony of one living planet.

In this process, the old institutions (including the economy, politics, government, healthcare, academia, etc.) created by the current civilization—the one shaped by the beliefs of Scientific Materialismmust crumble before we create the new institutions that support the revised beliefs offered by modern science.

So today’s crises are symptoms of the collapse of the old way of life and the beginning of a new way.