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International Essay Contest for Young People 2007
International decade for a culture of peace 2003  
  The 2007 annual International Essay Contest for Young People received 4,029 entries from 138 countries covering 7 continents. From among many outstanding essays on this year's theme "The role of media and information and communication technologies in building a peaceful world," the following winners were selected:

List of Winners

1st Prize

Children's category (1 entrant)
     Unity in Diversity: Media’s role in making of a peaceful world
Sneh Shah (Age 8, USA)

Youth category (1 entrant)
    Amplifying Peace Across Borders
Anna Rosario A. Elicaño (Age 24, The Philippines)

2nd Prize

Children's category (2 entrants)
     Mass Media Like a Mirror
Alexandra Girel (Age 10, Belarus)

    SMS Alert : “Peace, Man! :p”
Yunitha Ratnadilla T. A. K. (Age 14, Indonesia)

Youth category (2 entrants)
    Communicating Peace
Yukari Nemoto (Age 16, Japan <Living in USA>)

    Hearing each other, Hearing ourselves: The need for ‘Radio-Forums’ to create an ongoing Space for Peace
Sara J Wolcott (Age 25, USA)

3rd Prize

Children's category (5 entrants)
    200 Emails
Momone Ozawa (Age 9, Japan <Living in USA>)

   Peace Begins with Love
Wendyll Ermac Mejia (Age 12, The Philippines)

     A First Step Toward Peace
Yurika Sakamoto (Age 13, Japan)
    Information Expands My World
Kazuki Soejima (Age 13, Japan <Living in Malaysia>)
    A Feast of Peace
Elmad Ochieng (Age 14, Kenya)

Youth category (5 entrants)
    Mit Lächeln zum Frieden!
Margarita Mischinova (Age 17, Bulgaria)

    Our reality is weaved from the same fabric as our dreams
Joanna Pietrzak (Age 17, Poland)

    Anyone for Tea?
Takuto Sato (Age 18, Japan <Living in USA>)

    Imagine a Game
Veerle Vrindts (Age 20, Belgium)
    The role of media and information and communication technologies in building a peaceful world
Tara Yvonne Finglas (Age 23, Ireland)

Honorable Mention

Children's category (25 entrants)
        Raúl Andrés Villanueva Ambríz (Age 8, México)
        Mayu Ebashi (Age 9, Japan <Living in Canada>)
        Christiana Louisa T (Age 9, Australia <Living in Indonesia>)
        Denise Anne Castro (Age 11, The Philippines)
        Pilar Villarmarzo Grisoni (Age 11, Uruguay)
        Gleb Dubovski (Age 11, Belarus)
        Anob Asif (Age 12, India)
        Shuri Imai (Age 12, Japan)
        Yoshika Ichihara (Age 12, Japan <Living in USA>)
        Kazuki Chikuma (Age 12, Japan <Living in USA>)
        Haruki Nakayama (Age 12, Japan)
         Shani Beradt (Age 12, Israel)
         Yudai Abe (Age 13, Japan)
         Bista Isato(Age 13, Japan&Nepal <Living in Nepal>)
         Keita Ochi (Age 13, Japan <Living in USA>)
         Miho Kato (Age 13, Japan <Living in China>)
         Yumi Araki (Age 14, Japan <Living in Canada>)
         Alexander Grace (Age 14, Australia)
         Moe Okada (Age 14, Japan)
         Minori Ota (Age 14, Japan)
         Kensuke Sugino (Age 14, Japan <Living in USA>)
         Tatiana Puzirchenko (Age 14, Ukraine)
         Vanessa Ivanova Vazharova (Age 14, Bulgaria)
         Ayane Yamashiro (Age 14, Japan <Living in the Philippines>)
         Yuri Yokawa (Age 14, Japan)

Youth category (25 entrants)
         Sharon Rogart (Age 15, USA)
         Raphaela Stock (Age 15, Austria)
         Glendon Kok Jun Wei (Age 15, Singapore)
         Emily Adlam (Age 16, New Zealand)
         Eunji Kim (Age 16, South Korea)
         Moemi Kubota (Age 16, Japan)
         Alesia Kuzminava (Age 16, Belarus)
         Shuhei Sato (Age 16, Japan <Living in USA>)
         Katharina Deutzmann (Age 17, Germany)
         Taichi Shimuzu (Age 17, Japan)
         Hwayong Shin (Age 17, South Korea)
         Soumitra Subinaya (Age 17, India)
         Citlin Jacques (Age 18, USA)
         Chi Ninh Ngoc Lan (Age 18, Vietnam <Living in Canada>)
         Eri Watanabe (Age 18, Japan)
         Elnara Mehdiyeva (Age 19, Azerbaijan)
         Seigo Yokomine (Age 19, Japan)
         Zhivko Tomov Darakchiev (Age 20, Bulgaria)
         Rodimiro Rodrigo Flores (Age 20, México)
         Nonyelum Sandra Umeasiegbu (Age 20, Nigeria)
         Nicole Apel (Age 21, USA)
         Michael Vercauteren (Age 22, Belgium)
         Michael Collins (Age 23, USA <Living in Japan>)
         Fernando Yunuen Francisco Téllez Flores (Age 23, México)
         Ana Maria Mayor Jiménez (Age 23, Colombia)

Best School Award

Battle Creek Japanese School, Michigan, USA

2007 Award Winning Essays (Anthology in PDF format)

Essay Contest 2007 Guidelines