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Goi Peace Foundation

International Essay Content for Young People(2010)

International decade for a culture of peace 2003  

Organized by The Goi Peace Foundation and UNESCO
Endorsed by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan
Japanese National Commission for UNESCO, Japan Broadcasting Corporation,
Nikkei Inc., Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education

The United Nations has designated 2001-2010 as the "International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World" and 2005-2014 as the "United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development." Additionally, 2010 celebrates the International Year of Youth as well as the International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures. Young people are encouraged to participate in these global initiatives and play a leading role in promoting peace and understanding among all cultures.

From among 7,216 entries from 144 UNESCO Member-States and an Observer, the following winners were selected. First prize winners will receive the Minister of Education Award at a ceremony during the Goi Peace Foundation Forum 2010 to be held at Yomiuri Hall in Tokyo on November 7, 2010.

List of Winners

1st Prize

Children's category (1 entrant)

Youth category (1 entrant)

2nd Prize

Children's category (2 entrants)

Youth category (2 entrants)

3rd Prize

Children's category (5 entrants)

Youth category (5 entrants)

Honorable Mention

Children's category (25 entrants)

  • Children's category (25 entrants)
  • Shinichi Brodbeck (Age 8, Japan & Switzerland <Living in Switzerland>)
  • Charlene Tsen Kiaw Lym (Age 9, Brunei Darussalam)
  • Vanessa Villamarín Guerra (Age 9, Ecuador)
  • Jun Oyake (Age 10, Japan & USA <Living in USA>)
  • Moeka Konagaya (Age 11, Japan)
  • Ludjeyn Nazzal (Age 11, Jordan)
  • Alexandra Kung (Age 12, China <Living in USA>)
  • Hinako Irei (Age 12, Japan)
  • Hiroki Kawashima (Age 12, Japan)
  • Daniel Magley (Age 12, USA)
  • Nathan Kuchena (Age 12, Zimbabwe)
  • Yu Ogata (Age 13, Japan <Living in Bolivia>)
  • Saurab Punhani (Age 13, India)
  • Nika Nikolac (Age 13, Croatia)
  • Vani Kapoor (Age 13, India)
  • Kyoka Motoyama (Age 13, Japan)
  • Moritz Blum (Age 13, Germany)
  • Kana Aizawa (Age 14, Japan)
  • Eilene Basu (Age 14, India <Living in Malaysia>)
  • Ayaka Shirai (Age 14, Japan)
  • Yurika Tai (Age 14, Japan)
  • Kanako Tabayashi (Age 14, Japan)
  • Teo Zhi Yao Samuel (Age 14, Singapore)
  • Baraka Y. Lwakila (Age 14, Canada <Living in The Czech Republic>)
  • Ena Yamasaki (Age 14, Japan)

Youth category (25 entrants)

  • Reika Uchimura (Age 15, Japan)
  • Krithika Varagur (Age 16, USA)
  • Katsadze Ann (Age 17, Georgia)
  • Kim Ye-Ji (Age 17, South Korea)
  • Kenzo Kodera (Age 17, Japan)
  • Cecilia Xareny Velasco Abarca (Age 17, Mexico)
  • Marija Topalovic (Age 17, Serbia)
  • Ebony Faison (Age 18, USA)
  • Gimeil Odejerte Abuda (Age 18, The Philippines)
  • Sharie Brown (Age 18, Jamaica)
  • Kao Wei Xiang (Age 19, Malaysia)
  • Pranay Jain (Age 19, India)
  • Ajimufti Azhari (Age 20, Indonesia)
  • Avinash Dhital (Age 20, Nepal <Living in Finland>)
  • Sara Hooker (Age 21, Ireland <Living in USA>)
  • Tigran Abovyan (Age 21, Armenia)
  • Mohammad Ruhul Kader (Age 21, Bangladesh)
  • Le Viet Gia Khanh (Vietnam <Living in Japan>)
  • Gu Sun Young (Age 23, South Korea <Living in Japan>)
  • Tran Thanh Thuy (Age 23, Vietnam)
  • Belal Ahmad (Age 23, Afghanistan)
  • María de los Ángeles Lasa (Age 23, Argentina)
  • Ian Vergel B. Agsalda (Age 25, The Philippines)
  • Ifedigbo Chikwenze Sylva (Age 25, Nigeria)
  • Yasmine Khater (Age 25, Egypt & Singapore <Living in Singapore>)

Best School Award

Doshisha Junior High School (Japan)

2010 Award Winning Essays (Anthology in PDF format)

Essay Contest 2010 Guidelines

Essay Contest 2010 Entries by Region