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Goi Peace Award 2006: Duane Elgin

Duane Elgin wins the 2006 Goi Peace Award

Goi Peace Award 2006: Duane Elgin

The Goi Peace Award selection committee has decided to award the 2006 Goi Peace Award to Duane Elgin, an internationally recognized author, speaker and educator, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to promoting new vision, consciousness and lifestyle conducive to the creation of a new civilization. Through his pioneering work in future research and education, he has inspired wide layers of the public to transform their value systems toward a more sustainable and spiritual culture.

Mr. Elgin is the author of three major books: Promise Ahead: A Vision of Hope and Action for Humanity's Future (2000), Voluntary Simplicity: Toward a Way of Life that is Outwardly Simple, Inwardly Rich (1993 and 1981), and Awakening Earth: Exploring the Evolution of Human Culture and Consciousness (1993). He has worked as a senior social scientist with the think-tank, SRI International where he co-authored numerous studies on the long-range future for government agencies such as the National Science Foundation and the President's Science Advisor. He has also worked as a senior staff member of a joint Presidential-Congressional Commission on the American Future. Over the past twenty years, Mr. Elgin has co-founded three non-profit organizations concerned with media accountability.

The annual Goi Peace Award is presented to honor individuals and organizations in various fields that have made outstanding contributions toward the realization of a peaceful and harmonious world for all life on earth.

Mr. Elgin will received the Goi Peace Award at a ceremony during the Goi Peace Foundation Forum 2006 held at Bunkyo Civic Hall in Tokyo on November 23, 2006. By honoring and highlighting Mr. Elgin's work, the Goi Peace Foundation aims to help cultivate a critical mass of awakened global citizens at this tipping point in human history.

Commemorative Address by Duane Elgin