Become a Communicator

The activities of the Goi Peace Foundation are supported by dedicated volunteers, especially in our outreach efforts. Supporting Members who wish to help spread our work in their communities are invited to register as a Communicator.

What does a Communicator do?

The role of Communicators is to introduce the vision and work of the Goi Peace Foundation in their communities, so as to enroll more supporters and ensure that our latest news and activities are disseminated widely. For example, Communicators may promote the Declaration for All Life on Earth and the Fuji Declaration, invite young people to participate in our essay contest and other programs, or organize a group viewing of the Goi Peace Foundation Forum video. They may also collect questions and suggestions from their group and feed them back to the secretariat. Communicators help to build a local community of supporters and enhance the Foundation’s global impact.

Who can become a Communicator?

In order to become a Communicator, you must be a registered Supporting Member of the Goi Peace Foundation and belong to a group or network of people you can reach out to.

If you are interested in applying, please email us at with the following information:

1) Your name
2) Supporting Member registration number
3) Address
4) Phone number
5) Email
6) Number of people you can reach