What is the Goi Peace Foundation’s vision of peace?

The Declaration for All Life on Earth, which was launched in 2000, is the guiding vision of the Goi Peace Foundation. Regarding the earth as an evolving living entity, the declaration describes our common responsibility as members of a global community, and advocates a world of harmony, in which every individual and every nation can freely express their individual qualities, while living in harmony with one another and with all life on earth. To realize this vision, we set forth four guiding principles: 1) Reverence for life, 2) Respect for all differences, 3) Gratitude for and coexistence with all of nature, and 4) Harmony between the spiritual and material.

How does the Goi Peace Foundation intend to realize its vision? What concrete actions does the Foundation take to solve issues such as conflicts, refugees and poverty?

Whether it is war and conflict, climate change, poverty or terrorism, we believe that all of the world’s problems boil down to people’s consciousness. Our consciousness is what determines our values and priorities, forms the vision for our personal and collective future, and musters the will to achieve it. The main objective of our work is to transform human consciousness, primarily though awareness-raising and education for peace and sustainable development, local and global community building, and empowerment of citizens, especially young people.

Where does the name “Goi” come from?

The Goi Peace Foundation carries the name and embodies the spirit of Masahisa Goi (1916-1980), a Japanese teacher, philosopher, poet and author who dedicated his life to peace and humanity. Mr. Goi started a world peace movement after the Second World War, to spread the universal message and prayer May Peace Prevail on Earth, as a way to unite the hearts of humanity transcending all boundaries of culture, religion, and politics.

Does the Foundation have any political or religious affiliation?

No, the Foundation maintains neutrality politically and religiously, and does not engage in any political or religious activities.

Where can I get information about your events?

Upcoming events are posted on this website. We invite you to subscribe to our free mailing list and like us on Facebook to receive the latest updates.

How is the Foundation supported financially?

Our activities are financially supported primarily by membership fees (individual and organizational) and donations.

How are membership fees and donations utilized?

Membership fees and donations are allocated as follows to support our various activities:

  • International collaboration 25%
  • Educational programs for young people 22%
  • Public events (lectures, forums, others) 16%
  • Media (magazine, website, others) 15%
  • Research and studies 10%
  • Awards 7%
  • Administrative costs 5%
Does the Foundation provide grants to other organizations or individuals?

We are an operational foundation that undertakes its own projects. Therefore, we do not make grants to other organizations or individuals.

How can I support the Foundation other than financially?

The work of the Goi Peace Foundation is made possible not only by financial support but also by the moral support and volunteer services offered by our dedicated members and supporters. In addition, living the values and principles advocated in the Declaration for All Life on Earth and promoting them in your community also greatly supports our work to create a culture of peace.

What volunteer opportunities are available?

Currently, we welcome volunteers in the following areas:

  • Disseminating initiatives of the Foundation in your community
  • Transcription of lectures and other material
  • Translation between Japanese-English and other languages
  • Video editing
  • Organizational support at headquarters (if you live in Tokyo)

If you are interested in volunteering, please write to us at info@goipeace.or.jp

What is the relationship between the Goi Peace Foundation and the United Nations?

The Goi Peace Foundation maintains a Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the Unites Nations since 2004, and official relations with UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) since 2006. Learn more about our cooperation with the UN here.

What is the relationship between the Goi Peace Foundation and May Peace Prevail On Earth International?

May Peace Prevail On Earth International is a sister organization dedicated to promoting the world peace movement to spread the message and prayer May Peace Prevail on Earth. Established in New York in 1988 as a nonprofit, non-sectarian organization, May Peace Prevail On Earth International is a NGO associated with the United Nations Department of Public Information. The Goi Peace Foundation secretariat also serves as May Peace Prevail On Earth International Japan Office.
Please visit the May Peace Prevail On Earth International website for more information.