Our Approach

Creating a New Civilization

Our civilization stands at a crossroads at this very moment. With the spread of environmental destruction, cultural clashes, terrorism, overpopulation and a host of other complex issues, the contemporary world is no longer sustainable. We believe that the problems confronting humanity require a fundamental change in our consciousness and value system. Now more than ever, each of us is called upon to become a proactive agent for positive change. Working collectively, we can reverse the current trends toward breakdown and co-create a sustainable and peaceful future for all life.

In 2005, the Goi Peace Foundation launched an initiative called Creating a New Civilization together with its international partners. We aim to connect innovative activities and changemakers across diverse fields, and to engage a critical mass of awakened citizens that will facilitate the transformation of our cultures and bring about a paradigm shift towards a sustainable and harmonious planetary civilization.


We propose the ‘4-S Concept’ as four foundational
components for building a new civilization


Environmental, social and economic problems—including climate change, resource depletion, wealth disparity and cross-cultural conflicts—are all interconnected global issues caused by human activities. We are at a crossroads, where it is up to each of us either to continue on the present path toward destruction or to choose the path to a sustainable future for the Earth and all its life.


Humanity is a part of the Earth’s natural living systems. Therefore, we must harmonize our man-made systems, including our economic and political systems, with the principles of nature and ecology. Our current institutions have become outdated and unsustainable, and need to be redesigned, so that humanity walks a path not of destruction, but of interdependence and co-evolution with the Earth.


At the cutting edge of the sciences—including physics, cosmology, the life sciences, and consciousness research—new worldviews are emerging together with a deeper understanding of life. These new sciences could bring about a paradigm shift and provide key inspiration and a foundation for building a new civilization.


The inner awakening and the empowered creativity of individuals are the real forces that will shape our collective future. Our behaviors and priorities will drastically change as we evolve our consciousness to a higher level and experience the interconnectedness of all life. We must ensure that all human activities in our future global society—political, economic, and social—are founded on spiritual values.

Founding Partners

The initiative was launched in November 2005 by 14 like-minded organizations working in fields such as the environment, peace-building, economics, science and the media. At the inaugural event, “Forum 2005: Creating a New Civilization,” leaders and visionaries from different disciplines, including former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, joined more than 4,000 concerned citizens to share their insights and to develop a compelling vision of a new civilization.

Quotes from Forum Speakers:

Elisabet Sahtouris, evolution biologist

The new scientific story shows that the evolutionary process that made hostile, competitive ancient bacteria evolve into peaceful collaboration to produce huge new cells is the same process that is driving us to shift from competitive nations to a global family.

Mikhail Gorbachev, Former President of the Soviet Union

We need effective global systems in an interdependent world, where everything is globalized including finance, resources and trade. Without vision and political will to build a new world order, nothing will change, and without a positive push from civil society, politics will not change.

Prince El Hassan bin Talal of Jordan

It is surprising that at the pinnacle of human scientific achievement, there exists a spiritual void, which like a black hole sucks everything into oblivion. The human spirit can be revived as a global spirit if there is selfless hope for freedom, equality and justice.

Hazel Henderson, evolutionary economist

It is not necessary to keep having the GNP grow. What you want to see is the quality of life improve, including health, education, human rights, the environment and all the other dimensions of life.

James O’Dea, Institute of Noetic Sciences

An accumulation of scientific research from multiple fields indicates that human capacity is much greater than we are letting ourselves believe. Why do we dampen those powerful intuitions that constantly remind us that we are spacious cosmic beings and endlessly creative beings?

Ervin Laszlo, systems philosopher

The dynamic of development that will apply to our future is the non-linear chaos dynamic of complex-system evolution. The crisis we are currently experiencing will not be overcome by tried and tested measures, carried out step by step. The way beyond it lies in profound and radical transformation.