About the Goi Peace Foundation

Peace begins in the hearts and minds of each individual, and we all share a responsibility for the future of our planet.

Based in Japan, the Goi Peace Foundation is a public benefit organization supported by members around the world working together to create a culture of peace. Our mission is to foster a sustainable and harmonious global society by promoting consciousness, values and wisdom for creating peace, and building cooperation among individuals and organizations across diverse fields, including education, science, culture and the arts.

To achieve this mission, we engage mainly in the following activities:

Public events including conferences, symposia and lectures to inform and inspire the public to expand their visions, and to engage their participation in contributing to a better world.

Educational programs for young people designed to nurture inner peace, respect for life and global awareness, emphasizing the leading role they can play in fostering world peace and sustainable development.

International collaboration with organizations and partners worldwide to promote global dialogue and outreach for advancing the cause of peace.

Interdisciplinary research and studies to advance new worldviews, perspectives and practices that will support personal and social transformation toward a new civilization.

Our Beginning

The Goi Peace Foundation embodies the spirit of Masahisa Goi (1916-1980), a Japanese spiritual teacher, philosopher, poet and author who dedicated his life to peace and humanity. After witnessing the terrible destruction of the Second World War, Masahisa Goi started a world peace movement to spread the universal message and prayer May Peace Prevail on Earth, as a way to unite the hearts of humanity transcending all boundaries of culture, religion and politics.

To promote this peace movement internationally, May Peace Prevail On Earth International (formerly known as The World Peace Prayer Society) was established in New York in 1988 as a nonprofit, non-sectarian organization. May Peace Prevail On Earth International is a Non-Governmental Organization associated with the United Nations Department of Public Information.

In 1999, the Goi Peace Foundation was established in Tokyo, with the approval of the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, to engage in a broader range of more concrete peace-building initiatives. The Foundation’s activities are based on the vision and principles expressed in its Declaration for All Life on Earth. In recognition of its international efforts to promote peace, the Foundation was granted Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations in 2004. It was also admitted to official-relationship status with UNESCO in 2006.