School Lectures by Diplomats

Learning to respect different ethnicities, faiths, traditions and customs is an essential part of creating unity in diversity. Collaborating with over 100 foreign embassies in Japan, the Goi Peace Foundation coordinates lectures by diplomats in schools and universities as a program for Global Citizenship Education.

Global Learning Program for School Children

In elementary and secondary schools, lectures by diplomats offer students a global learning experience. Through direct interaction with a nation’s representative, children broaden their perspective to appreciate different cultures, traditions and customs, and at the same time, deepen their understanding of their own country from a comparative viewpoint.

“Cultural Diversity in a Globalized World”
Lecture Series by Ambassadors at the Gumna Prefectural Women’s University

Respecting and understanding other cultures is an essential precondition for any constructive dialogue between peoples. Since 2005, the Foundation has been co-sponsoring a course at the Faculty of International Communication at Gunma Prefectural Women’s University, inviting ambassadors of different countries as guest lecturers to address topics such as effective communication in diplomacy and approaches to peace-building in the globalized world.

In addition to the ambassadors, NGO representatives and experts in peace-building are also invited as lecturers.

While this course is a part of the formal curriculum, the general public is also welcome to attend the lectures free of charge. Each class is 90 minutes including time for Q&A.

2016 Lecture Schedule

April 26Mr. Hiroo Saionji
President of the Goi Peace Foundation
Introduction: “Creating Peace”
May 10Ms. Natsuki Yasuda
photo journalist
“Documenting the World Today through Photography: Poverty, Disasters and Refugee Problems”
May 17H.E. Mr. Seiko Luis Ishikawa Kobayashi
Ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
Mrs. Erika Colon de Ishikawa, wife of ambassador
“Message of Peace and Hope from Venezuela”
May 31Ms. Sayoko Terada
Chairperson of Children without Borders Japan
“The Children I Met”
June 7H.E. Mrs. Ndiyoi Muliwana Mutiti
Ambassador of the Republic of Zambia
“Cultural Diversity in a Globalized World”
June 14Ms. Rumiko Seya
President of Japan Center for Conflict Prevention
“Working Globally: How to Build Peace in Conflict Areas”
June 21Ms. Irit Savion Waidergorns
Minister/ Deputy Chief of Mission of the Embassy of Israel in Japan
“Active Role of Women in Israel”
June 28H.E. Dr. Yusron Ihza Mahendra
Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia
Dr. Dewi Lusiana lhza Mahendra, wife of ambassador
“Indonesia in a Nutshell”
July 12H.E. Mr. Francis Matsutaro
Ambassador of the Republic of Palau
“Palauan Traditional Governance and Rule of Conduct”
October 11H.E. Mr. Evgeny Vladimirovich Afanasiev
Ambassador of the Russian Federation
“Today’s Russian Diplomacy and Japan”
November 8H.E. Mr. Waleed Siam
Ambassador and Representative of the Permanent General Mission of Palestine
“Palestine Position on the Permit Issues”
November 15Mr. Yasushi Akashi
Former Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations
“My Memory as the First Japanese UN Official”
November 22Mr. Kazuho Taguchi
Principal Deputy Director, United Nations Planning and Administration Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
“Japan’s UN-centered Diplomacy; Careers at Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Organizations”
November 29Ms. Naoko Matsuura
Principal Deputy Director, International Economy Division, Economic Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
“Active Role of Women in Diplomacy”
December 20H.E. Ms. Martha Lidia Zelayandia Cisneros
Ambassador of the Republic of El Salvador
“El Salvador: Japan in Central America”

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