Declaration for All Life on Earth (print-ready)

The Fuji Declaration (brochure)

The Goi Peace Foundation (brochure, 2010 edition)

UNESCO ESD Youth Conference Report

UN Special Event “United for a Culture of Peace Through Interfaith Harmony” Report

Youth Envisioning a Peaceful World
(“International Essay Contest for Young People” Anthology, 2000-2010)

Asian Educators Symposium and Exchange Programme “Creating a Culture of Peace through Education” Report

Earth Kids Space Report 2005
Ideas for Nurturing the Spirt and Life

Earth Kids Space Report 2006
Children’s Activities in Local Communities

Earth Kids Space Report 2007
Nurturing the Creators of the Future: How to Start a Community Classroom for Children

Philosophy of Masahisa Goi
(Textbook used for “Goi Peace Chair on Peace and Conflict Science” at the Munich School for Political Science)