The Fuji Declaration

The Fuji Declaration

The Fuji Declaration is an international alliance of individuals and organizations that are committed to living and collaborating toward the advancement of a more harmonious and flourishing world. The Declaration was initiated in 2015 by Masami and Hiroo Saionji, Chairperson and President of the Goi Peace Foundation, along with Dr. Ervin Laszlo, systems philosopher and Founder of the Club of Budapest.

The Fuji Declaration calls upon every citizen to ignite the infinite potential and divine spark that dwells within every human being, and reminds us that we are part of a living universe that exhibits boundless diversity yet embraces oneness. It calls on us to co-evolve with one another and with nature in a constructive and coherent relationship.

Over 60 partner organizations and 200 founding signatories have joined this initiative, including heads-of-state, Nobel laureates, scientists, artists, authors, educators and peace advocates, and tens of thousands of people around the world have endorsed and embraced the Declaration.

As the secretariat of the Fuji Declaration initiative, the Goi Peace Foundation coordinates interdisciplinary research studies and organizes symposia to explore ways of nurturing transformations in various spheres of human activity, in alignment with the principles of the Fuji Declaration.

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Excerpt from the Fuji Declaration

As individuals responsible for the future of life on Earth, we hereby declare that:

We affirm the divine spark in the heart and mind of every human being and intend to live by its light in every sphere of our existence.

We commit ourselves to fulfilling our shared mission of creating lasting peace on Earth through our ways of living and acting.

We intend to live and act so as to enhance the quality of life and the well-being of all forms of life on the planet, recognizing that all living things in all their diversity are interconnected and are one.

We will continually strive to free the human spirit for deep creativity, and to nurture the transformation necessary to forge a new paradigm in all spheres of human activity, including economics, science, medicine, politics, business, education, religion, the arts, communications and the media.

We shall make it our mission to design, communicate and implement a more spiritual and harmonious civilization—a civilization that enables humankind to realize its inherent potential and advance to the next stage of its material, spiritual, and cultural evolution.

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Words of support from the founding signatories

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Projects inspired by the Fuji Declaration

Research on Practical Paths to a New Civilization

The Fuji Declaration is intended to serve as a resource and catalyst for inspiration and collaboration to accelerate humanity’s conscious evolution. Research into practical steps for achieving the goals set out in the Fuji Declaration was conducted by a team of specialists in the spheres of economy, politics, business and the media, spearheaded by Dr. Ervin Laszlo. The aim of this work was to illuminate critical needs and opportunities for advancing new paradigms.

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Soul of WoMen

Emerging from the Fuji Declaration, a new initiative called Soul of WoMen was launched in 2016 by Masami Saionji and a group of Japanese women leaders to activate feminine wisdom and values―such as love, compassion, nurturing, and cooperation―for a more harmonious and balanced world. In that year, the Soul of WoMen global campaign was joined by some 20,000 participants in 109 countries. Supporters of the initiative continue to organize local activities under the banner of Soul of WoMen.

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