2002 Goi Peace Award Laureate


Takeshi Umehara

Philosopher (Japan)

“For revealing timeless wisdom for a harmonious future through his unique and comprehensive study of Japanese culture.”

 “Umehara’s Japanology,” crossing disciplines of Japanese intellectual history, ancient studies, literature, religion and various other fields, is an endless pursuit of truth, unimpeded by common beliefs and knowledge, to help guide the future of humanity.


Born in 1925, Takeshi Umehara is a contemporary philosopher and an honorary advisor to the International Research Center for Japanese Studies. He has also served as Professor at Ritsumeikan University and as President of Kyoto City University of Arts. He has written many works on philosophy, religion and literature, and is well known for his unique academic discipline known as “Umehara’s Japanology.” Mr. Umehara is also a recipient of the Order of Cultural Merit and other major literary awards.